Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Treasure Hunt- SHINE edition

When you look at yourself what do you see?
Do you see all that I have created you to be?
Do you know the beauty that is inside of you?
You are a most beautiful, and a costly jewel!

For you are as a ruby, an emerald a diamond and such
I gave all I have for you, because I love you so much
Somehow you were lost and thrown in the dirt
When I lost you my heart was full of sorrow and hurt

So I pulled out my satchel and packed up my shovel
I went on a treasure hunt for a jewel through all that rubble
I packed up my map and went off on a journey,
The jewel so dear to me I must be in a hurry

I found you were covered with dirt and mire
But soon, I will give my jewel back her fire
I will chisel and polish that lost jewel so it will shine
You are a precious treasure, you are my own, one of a kind

You are that jewel shining bright as a star
Whom others admire from near and afar
For I Am your High Priest, I will bear your name upon on my breast
I have made a special place for you inside the Father’s treasure chest

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